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2007 Educational Tour to Ghana,
West Africa a Success


 The mission of Jah Kente International, Inc. (JKI) is first to nurture and promote the cultural spirit of Africa in the Diaspora and second, to support health and humanitarian programs in Africa. Our 2007 educational tour to Ghana, West Africa accomplished this first objective. Focusing on the old African philosophical symbol, Sankofa - reaching back to fetch what has been forgotten - the visit to the “Motherland” was a great success with no travel nor health problems.

From July 30 - August 14, 2007, a group of eleven family members and friends traveled to Ghana to visit historical sites. Three members on the tour, left the group after one week and traveled on to Mali, West Africa via the Ivory Coast, to hand-deliver medical supplies brought with them from the United States to the Sibiry Doumbia Community Memorial Health Center located in the village of Koungodjah.

Former U.S. Diplomat/Africanist and Curator Rufus Tiefing Stevenson organized the trip (his 4 th tour) and was the group leader under the auspices of JKI. Special thanks to the collaboration of Cross Cultural Travel and Tours, LTD. (Ghana), the tour had a full day-to-day itinerary of excitement, friendly people, comfortable living accommodations, delicious food and revealing places to visit including:

  • Historic tour of city of Accra ( Capitol City)
  • Cape Coast (site of historic slave castles and dungeons)
  • Kumasi - home of the great Ashanti People of Ghana and their beautiful and rich cultural
  • Bonwire (Kente cloth-making)
  • Palace and Museum where the Ashanti King (Asantehene) lives and work, and home of the great Ashanti stool)
  • Home, Museum and resting place of the great Pan-Africanist W.E.B. DuBois
  • Aburi Botanical Gardens and Woodcarving villages
  • Beautiful and scenic Akosombo to see the largest man-made lake in the world.

Each tour participant expresses gratitude and appreciation to the people of Ghana for their warm hospitality. New ties have been created. Ghanian names have been ceremoniously given to each participant and a new conscience of cooperation is now a reality.

Rufus Tiéfing Stevenson
Curator/Executive Vice President
Jah Kente International, Inc.




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