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Curator, Rufus Tiefing Stevenson named Master Artist by The Links, Incorporated

2007 10 10

THE LINKS, INCORPORATED named former U.S. Diplomat/Africanist and Curator, Rufus Tiefing Stevenson Master Artist in two arts categories (visual and performing) during their 2007 Community Service Project (CSP-07) at the Marriott Crystal Gateway Hotel in Arlington, Virginia on April 18, 2007. The one day event was entitled “Enrichment, Enhancement, Exposure & Excellent in the Arts.”

In collaboration with other community organizations/institutions and individuals with expertise in the arts, LINKS provided workshops, mentors and exposure to renowned artists for selected high school juniors and seniors in the performing arts from three area schools: Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C.; Suitland High School’s Center for the Visual and Performing Arts in Prince George’s County, Maryland and South Lakes High School in Reston, Virginia.

Thanks to THE LINKS, INCORPORATED, forty-eight talented students experienced the extraordinary opportunity to not only learn, exchange ideas, and grow with Master Artists but in three art categories: performing arts, visual arts and literary arts. In addition, these students were able to showcase their talent and earn financial rewards not only for themselves, but for their schools to support, sustain and expand program in the arts.

Curator Stevenson was one of eleven Master Artists who served as “Artist in Residence” for the occasion. He was honored and served as Artist in Residence in both the Visual Arts and the Performing Arts categories.

Rufus Tiéfing Stevenson
Curator/Executive Vice President
Jah Kente International, Inc.




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