Our Values

We respect culture, value responsibility, integrity, self-empowerment, accountability and trust. We believe in transformative power of African people and people’s ability to make a positive contribution to the world.

Our Vision

We envisioned a world where African History and Culture are known and recognized. Working to empower the next generation of African around the world.

Our Mission

Jah Kente International's mission is to nurture and promote the cultural spirit of Africa in the Diaspora and support educational and Health program in Africa.

2018 Global Kente Tour

People from African descent have always had the desire to visit and learn about the diversity of African culture, history, language and cuisine. Others want to visit Africa’s exotic coasts, enjoy the tropical climate and experience the adventures of unknown territories. It is important that young people and students of all ages who have mixed information visit the continent of Africa to gain their own perspective. Click here to download the 2018 Global Kente Tour flyer (more…)

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